Local Band Spotlight in The Nightlife, August 29, 2002
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Zach Kemp: drums
Ryan Lydick: lead vocals
Sean Pickford: guitar
Chris Shanahan: bass, backing vocals

musical style: heavy, melodic rock

synopsis: Headfix doesn’t seem to fit into neat categories like alternative, metal, or punk. In fact, the closest they come to a classification is the dreaded Nu Metal tag. But unlike the horrible bands like Puddle of Mud, Creed, and Staind that represent the style, Headfix doesn’t suck. They are melodic where others are not, they aren’t afraid of improvisation, and when the moment calls for heaviness, they deliver full-force.

"All of us have grown up immersed in music," bassist Chris Shanahan states. He lists diverse influences like Tool, Pearl Jam, (early) Metallica, and Radiohead. "If we weren’t in Headfix, we’d all be playing in other bands, because we all love music so much," bassist Shanahan says. And the love of music shows. Headfix has been together almost three years now, which also goes to show that they aren’t just following another flash-in-the-pan trend. There has to be a sincere love of music, in any style, for a band to remain together so long.

Headfix has one three-song EP showcasing the band’s dynamic sound, especially on songs like "Fake," which begins with a pretty bassline, then erupts into an emotional chorus. "Between" is an all-out rocker with no time for moody breaks. It showcases the influence of Tool, the band Headfix most closely resembles.

When asked what Headfix’s songs are about, Shanahan replies, "The lyrics deal with life and relationships. The good and bad points about love."

Headfix are currently putting the final touches on a full-length CD, The Substance of Being, on which they have been perfecting the mix for a full year with Josh Plemon at Room Twelve Studio.

In this computer age, a website has become necessary for a band. Headfix’s site at <> has a very professional look: frames, popup windows for the pages within, and a really slick scrolling feature where the background stays in the same place but the words move up or down as you read them. Inside, they have info on current shows, lyrics, and pictures. Also available are links to the songs on their first EP.

What’s in store for the future of Headfix? "We’d all love to be rock stars," Shanahan claims. Doesn’t everybody? At least Headfix have the drive to pursue that dream. The band wants everyone to know that they will be in the area for awhile, as long as it takes for more people to turn on to them, which will help them meet that rock-star goal.

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